I lost my deposit slip confirming the storage of my bike. How should I proceed?

Call the support line of the given BIKETOWER. Contact info is given in the Instructions next to the payment terminal or on the website (see the map of the towers).

Is my bike safe?

The unique technology used guarantees that no unauthorised person, only the owner, comes into contact with your bike.

How is BIKETOWER secured?

The tower has a unique electronic system and is carefully monitored by a camera system. All bikes are insured against damage and theft during storage.

What happens if I don't pick up my bike?

Your bike will wait for you until you pick it up, but you will be charged a bike storage fee for each day.

Is it possible that there will be a mix-up and I will receive someone else's bike by accident?

No worries; this cannot occur. The control system pairs the unique bar code of the deposit slip with the date of storage, the time of storage and the position at which the bike is stored.

What should I do if I find out during the dispensing that my bike is damaged?

The operator of BIKETOWER must be contacted immediately. The number is given on the Instructions next to the payment terminal. Each process of storing and retrieving the bike is recorded by the camera system. Based on this recording, the incident that caused the damage can be determined.

What should I do if my accessories have fallen off the bike during storage?

The operator of BIKETOWER must be contacted immediately. The number is given on the Instructions next to the payment terminal. Each process of storing and retrieving the bike is recorded by the camera system. Based on this recording, the incident that caused the damage can be determined.

Can I leave the bike in BIKETOWER overnight?

The bike can be left in BIKETOWER uninterrupted for 30 days. After this time, the operator can proceed as described in the Instructions next to the payment terminal.

Support line
for cyclists

Lost your deposit slip? Need to solve another situation?

Select the city with a BIKETOWER:
Non-stop line to the operator:
+420 499 813 064
+421 159
+420 731 157 795
+420 736 722 332
+420 602 206 150
+420 773 757 819
+420 739 344 489
Městská policie - 156
+420 325 552 065
+420 325 552 065
+420 416 733 044
+420 731 125 941
+420 491 810 865
+420 518 345 000
+420 731 136 156
Městská policie - 156
+421 917 969 102
+420 722 452 875
+420 778 770 057
+420 325 516 880

What are the operating costs for electricity and data connections?

Operating costs for electricity are approx. CZK 2,000/month, data connection approx. CZK 600/month, insurance approx. CZK 1,000/month, waste bin approx. CZK 100/month, as well as small operating costs (printer paper, etc.).

What are the operating costs for administration, maintenance and service?

The warranty for the bike shed is 5 years, the price of BIKETOWER includes a five-year preventive service (service inspection twice a year) and remote administration (on-line supervision of the service centre). Expenditures per operator range up to CZK 10,000 monthly – authorised by one of the city's organisations, which through trained staff provides 24- our operation – replenishment of coins, paper in the printer, cleaning, etc. After the warranty period, it is necessary to negotiate a service contract and remote access contract costs of solving problems that can beeliminated by remote access.

What is the number of planned outages?

Each BIKETOWER has two planned operational outages (preventive service inspections) per year. The time required for one inspection is from 7 am to 4 pm.

What is the number of extraordinary outages?

Based on previous experience, there have been no extraordinary outages.

What is the average occupancy?

The capacity of one BT is 118 bikes, of which 16 are children’s bikes. The average daily occupancy for all BIKETOWERs combined is about 47%. During the high season, it is on average 64%, in the off-season about 38%. However, this is not entirely authoritative, as it also includes BTs with initial operation, for which occupancy usually increases continuously.

What is the total occupancy for the entire period of operation?

In total, BIKETOWER project has already stored more than 380,000 bicycles and e-bikes. That's more than 16,000 a month. The first BT has been in operation since 2013, the other two were added in 2015 and their number has been gradually growing since 2017.

What is the number of In Karta customers / other card owners?

In a comparable city, such as Pardubice, the number of used In Karta in June 2019 was 1,145, and the total number of customers was 3,107.

What is the financial participation from ČD (Czech Railways)?

ČD (Czech Railways) pays a one-day deposit to In Karta holders, i.e., CZK 5 per day. If the bicycle is stored for several days, CZK 5 will be deducted from the total fee.

Can any of BIKETOWERs cover maintenance costs?

Yes. In cities where there is a lot of use. In addition, some BIKETOWERs are permitted to rent space for advertising purposes.

What is the experience and responses from other cities?

According to our operational experience, cities are aware that the support of bicycle transport, as an alternative to passenger car transport, must include safe storage in addition to infrastructure.

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